Today’s child, tomorrow’s destiny

Blue umbrella children charity organization, with license number 650501 from Isfahan Governor’s Office and approved by the Welfare Organization, has undertaken extensive supportive and preventive activities in order to support the human dignity of children in Isfahan province. The main activity of the Blue Umbrella Organization is to serve children at risk, injured, disabled and destitute and to raise the level of public awareness about the correct treatment of children through education. All the activities of this association are with the use and consultation of prominent university professors and faculty in the fields of psychology and law, and also during the conclusion of a memorandum of understanding with the Deputy of Crime Prevention of Isfahan Province to carry out joint legal activities, including actualization According to Article 16 of the Family Protection Law, he has custody as an observer. According to the text of the articles of association, all activities of this association are non-political, non-profit and non-governmental.

Blue umbrella children charity organization is a leader in the field of protection of the rights of injured or vulnerable children in Isfahan province. We believe that respecting the child requires recognizing the human dignity and status of the child, and in accordance with this view, we support the children on the outskirts of the city.Children who, on the one hand, are exposed to the harms of addiction, physical, sexual and psychological abuse, malnutrition, dropout, work in poor conditions, and on the other hand, have a lot of potential talents. If we do not hurry today, there will be no tomorrow for many of these children.