What we Do?


Education is one of the main pillars of the blue umbrella. This association tries to provide learning conditions for children and mothers in various fields. Education is the prelude to any child’s success. We want to empower children.


One of the activities of the association is to create a space for children to play and have fun. In these places, activities for growth and creativity and teaching concepts to children are placed in order to identify children’s talents.


The Blue Umbrella, with its legal and psychological counseling, has been able to make a positive impact on the lives of people on the outskirts of the city. On certain days, people receive counseling by visiting the offices.

Social work

With its activities, the Blue Umbrella has been able to gain the trust of many well-meaning benefactors and founders. On different occasions, help is provided to people in need.

Sport activities

The Blue Umbrella Association strives to provide sports facilities for children and adolescents to play sports. Children play sports such as tennis and football on special days.


There are many families around the city of Isfahan who are deprived of their father’s blessings. In this regard, the Blue Umbrella helps mothers to generate income by empowering and training suitable jobs for mothers.

Where are we?

We are in Isfahan, Iran. We have activities in places where there are a lot refugee kids. 

Unfortunately issues like addiction, adultery and rubbery are common.


You also have a share in the happiness of children

Many children on the outskirts of Isfahan are eyeing the Blue Umbrella. We have started from ourselves and a thousand times more goodness and blessings have returned to our lives.

According to the law of life, good deeds are also turns. If you think it is your turn now, strengthen and support the humanity and divine goals. Remember that for some of these children, there will be no tomorrow.

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